Dotlake CTI (Ciberintelligence Solution)

The Cyber ​​Intelligence solution that best suits you

Dot Data Feed

Dotlake provides real-time visibility into crucial criminal sources on the open and deep web, including ransom sites, fraud marketplaces, telegram groups and channels, and most relevant cybercrime forums in the world of cybercrime.

Data Breach

Module that gives you access to the updated gaps of the last 20 years. (+66 billion records).


Module that gives you access to information from Darknets, Documents, Dumpster, Leaks, Pastes, Web, Whois.


Dot Watch

Módulo de notificación de Alertas, que permite crear notificaciones de los nuevos resultados una vez que guardas una consulta.

Dot Profiling

Module that allows you to store and monitor cybercriminals.

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